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Control Valve Service

On-Site repair of your systems control valves.

Our service trucks are stocked with the necessary parts and repair kits to service control valves and pilot systems.


Certified Meter Testing

We have been doing meter and flow testing for more than ten years, using one of the industry's top ultrasonic liquid flow meters.

We measure flow from the outside of plastic, metal, and concrete lined pipes non-intrusively, so there is no pressure drop, leak or chance of contamination

Service and Yearly Maintenance

Participating in a yearly maintenance program insures minimal downtime for service work and reduces your risk for emergency repair services during the year.

Manufacturer's recommend that control valves and related pilot systems be inspected and tested every year and rebuilt every 5 years.

Our Service and Yearly Maintenance programs include...

𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄 Valve Inventory and System Analysis


Document each valve in your system for your reference.

We document all our data on iPads with Cloud storage, so your system’s information is always at hand.

Identify a preventative maintenance program to prolong the useful life of your existing valves.

Identify problems or potential problems to prevent expensive emergency repairs and costly down time.

Provide you with documentation which will be helpful for your yearly budgeting.

Valve Rebuilds


Replace all rubber parts in the main valve and related pilots.

All metal parts are cleansed and inspected.

Metal parts are only replaced when needed and with your prior approval.

Recalibrate the valve and pilots to their previous setting or to the new ones you specify.

Set points are recorded for your reference.

Valve restarted and fully tested.

Follow-up Inspection


Diaphragm Test - The valve will be tested by cycling it fully open and closed.

This process will remove all build-up on the stem and ensure the valve maintains a drip tight seal betweeen the disk and the seat.

Inspect Strainers - All strainers are inspected and cleaned if necessary.

Valve and pilot systems set points are checked to ensure proper calibration.

Exercise the inlet and outlet gate valves.

Flushing Stations


   We sell self-contained, battery powered, diaphragm actuated control valves providing fully automated operation based on a predetermined program set by the user. 

   Our flush valves are designed to be ideal for your system flushing needs where water turnover is required to meet your state’s health standard requirements.

At Prestige Worldwide Technologies, we offer packaged pre-assembled PRV, metering, and backflow stations.

Now offering Telemetry Services by Technolog!

Technolog Telemetry Services


No more wondering if your system is in working order, 

with Technolog you can observe a number of variables right from your smartphone!

Cello 4s


A remote telemetry unit delivering a scalable solution reducing user operating and capital costs. Multiple site parameters are monitored, recorded and transmitted over cellular networks. The Cello 4s features up to 8 channels with user programmable digital or analog inputs. Dedicated versions are available for pressure and flow recording. Smart features include built-in water temperature monitoring, tilt sensing, daily battery fuel gauging, and 100Hz pressure transient monitoring for pipeline condition assessment. All enabled channels can be configured with advanced alarm regimes.



Adding a Regulo to an existing PRV brings both intelligent pressure control and remote monitoring to your distribution network. Easily adapted to most PRVs, the Regulo modulates a fixed outlet pressure in relation to Time, Flow or through Closed Loop, based on real-time feedback from one or more Cello 4s data loggers deployed in the network. Distribution pressure is optimized 24/7 to deliver a significant reduction in non-revenue water and burst frequency. Long term benefits include increased asset life, and reduced pumping and treatment costs.

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